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For the well-being of our drivers, customers and community, Nellis Cab has added COVID-19 fleet-wide sanitation protocols.

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"I had a great ride with your driver. I appreciated Nellis Cab's Prius fleet. It's good to see a transportation company doing what it can to protect the environment and lower its carbon footprint" - Susan
Las Vegas Nellis Cab Green Fleet Prius

Why use a Taxi in Las Vegas?

Whether for business or pleasure, taxicabs are the most convenient form of transportation when visiting Las Vegas. From the moment you land in Las Vegas, taxis are the fastest, direct, and most convenient form of transportation you can use while visiting Las Vegas. Often times, it's also the cheapest. Shuttles will cost you money for each person in your party and leave you waiting up to an hour or longer to get you to your destination. Rental cars cost you daily whether you're using them or not and you to have worry about finding parking spaces when you get where you're going. With cabs, there's always an available driver waiting for you at the airport and each strip hotel to pick you up, and they'll drop you off right at the front door of your destination. Just come out the hotel doors and hop right in for a quick ride to your destination.

If you're a Las Vegas local, we can come to your house or pick you up and drop you off anywhere you need to go. If you're unable to drive after a night out or just need a fast and direct ride where you need to go, we're a reliable and easy to understand transportation service to get you where you need to be.

"Hi. I just read the story about your driver, Gregory Janz returning the $5,000 to the Houston Dentist. Can you please let Mr. Janz know he's an international superstar. I'm reading this from Sydney Australia. Great work, Nellis - Your company handled this so well. Next time I come to Las Vegas I'm looking forward to a ride in a Nellis Cab!" ~ Sandra
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Visiting Las Vegas

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Nellis Cab is hiring safe and responsible drivers. Be a part of our team and earn great money driving the Las Vegas strip.